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Image Sight and Sound

is a full service multi media production company, which operates as a collective of very talented media artists.  We create, produce, market, and develop content, for third party distributors (i.e. film studios, television networks, internet web sites, corporate organizations, major and independent music and video distributors). Image Sight and Sound represents the basic fundamentals that people can identify with. We provide the sound track, the visuals and the experience for the lifestyles, we all as people lead. 

Our Philosophy

When people see movies or listen to music that they like, there is something in that medium they find that they can relate to. Whether it is fantasy or reality, there is something that touches the inner human spirit. Our human senses, sight and sound create images within our mind about ourselves, about others and about the world around us. Image Sight and Sound uses this as the foundation for all its projects by allowing the artist, producer or the director’s vision to expand to new levels by having our artists paint images with the use of sight and sound to create artistic expression. We believe in artist expression, creative freedom and artist insight.