About Us

Image Sight and Sound

is a full service multi media production company, that creates, produces, market, and develops content, for third party distributors (i.e. film studios, television networks, internet web sites, corporate organizations, major and independent music and video distributors). Image Sight and Sound represents the basic fundamentals that people can identify with. We provide the sound track, the visuals and the experience for the lifestyles, we all as people lead.

Our Philosophy

When people see movies or listen to music that they like, there is something in that medium they find that they can relate to. Whether it is fantasy or reality, there is something that touches the inner human spirit. Our human senses, sight and sound create images within our mind about ourselves, about others and about the world around us. Image Sight and Sound uses this as the foundation for all its projects by allowing the artist, producer or the directors vision to expand to new levels by having our artists paint images with the use of sight and sound to create artistic expression. We believe in artist expression, creative freedom and artist insight.

Anthony Richards

Founders and President of Image Sight and Sound. He has gained years of experience in film, music, and graphic arts, from working for Turner Broadcasting / Time Warner, Film Video Arts, Fat-baby Entertainment, IDC Digital, GIGO recording studios, and United Digital Artist. Among his many film production credits are the award winning “Bullets Over Brownsville” by Damon Chambers and Natural Langdon. His most recent feature the critical acclaimed “Send No Flowers” by director Fred Carpenter, Starring the actress Sean Young, Tony Lo Bianco, Russ Camarda, and Jackie Martling, is now making it way through the festival circuit. He recently wrote and directed sitcom pilot “Catch 22” starring the comedian Shatara Curry, and co starring Jenna Dangelo, and Dan Brennan. His educational experience includes Five Towns Music Collage, Future Media Concepts, and Film Video Arts, where he was later hired by the education department, and when on to teach classes at Manhattan Neighborhood Network. As producer / Writer / Director, his considerable experience will be used to create the production slate, manage and, negotiate with distributors, and plan future strategies.

Ms. Deborah Stephney

Deborah is a long-time contributor within most aspects of musical production and performance. She is currently VP of music production for Image Sight and Sound. Her years of experience in music entertainment include her work for StepSun Music Entertainment, Grooove  Entertainment  and Fat-baby Entertainment.  She is an accomplished musician, writer, music producer and offers her voice on many voice-over projects.  Her production talents led to formation of the group, Pregnant Pause, which signed to StepSun Music Entertainment (joint venture with Tommy Boy Records) and released  “Give it up” for LL Cool J’s movie “Out Of Sync”.  She then decided she preferred working behind the scenes and went on to work for Image Sight and Sound to continue her music production and voice-over work, where she has provided her voice to several projects, including the Long Island international Film Festival documentary, “The Invisible People of the Upper West Side”.   Currently, Deborah is working on several writing and production projects with house music artist, Carolyn Harding.

Richard Unapanta

Richie U or Richie Universal, started off promoting NYC night clubs for many different club owners like Peter Gatien, which led to promoting and marketing major NYC events like Tribeca Film Festival, HBO Latino film festival, his involvement in marketing along with his film studies at Hunter Collage which led him to running Puerto Rican creative film unit. He has worked on several commercial, films and documentaries. He was nominated for 2 Emmys for Univision NY local News and a 2 time IMAGEN award nominee. Some of his work includes “American Poet Tat Laviera” “Club Fever” “Ithaca” “Bronx Boys” and “An Artist Has Risen”

Amaris Bracey

Amaris Bracey is CEO and founder of AmmiNation Productions. Amaris also known as Ammo, is a producer, writer, director & video editor, who has also worked as a production assistant on several mainstream television and movie productions. Amaris’ IMBD features credits such as Power Book 2: GHOST, Ava Duvernay’s: When They See Us, Netflix’s The Half Of It & Amazon Prime’s Farewell Amor. Bracey has worked on as well as appeared in commercials such as Aeropostales 2019 Puff+ Oneness winter apparel campaign. 
Amaris ‘Ammo’ Bracey, has produced, shot, directed, and edited music and lyric videos for independent artists such as; Shinuh, DSD Major, Big Ev & Ray Bonez a.k.a. Blu Dymnd. She has shot, directed and edited promo reels for new and growing lingerie company, Courageous Kitty. Ammo has collaborated with several local and independent producers on their projects, which has aired on Brooklyn Free-Speech & BRIC TV’s public access television channels.

Craig Allen

Hailing from Queens, New York, the American Independent hip hop artist Mr. Craig turned Multimedia producer and audio & video editor. He specializes in creating, producing, and marketing content for film, television networks, websites, corporate organizations, and many more distributors. Mr. Craig has shot, edited, and directed, safety, music and documentary videos. From music recording and producing to song mixing and video editing, every project that comes his way is developed with respect, professionalism, passion, and a spark of excitement. Prior to his debut as an independent musical artist, Mr. Craig was deeply rooted in the industry. He holds a degree in radio broadcasting, and as such, his portfolio of skills is all encompassing. The artist has worked in audio and video, voice-over, mastering, producing, A&R, and more. In recent years, the umbrella under which Mr. Craig manifests his creativity is Strict-ly Entertainment, the company he founded and remains the CEO of. The publishing section of his endeavor, Mr. Shadow Music Publishing, has also inked a publishing deal with Princess Blue Music for film, television, and commercials. Mr. Craig merged his company Strict-ly entertainment with Image Site & Sound to work on joint video/film projects together. Being creative is not just a requirement for achieving a successful outcome. It is a state of mind and a way of life. Based on that mindset, the brand never ceases to invest in new opportunities and find original ideas and experiences to funnel its limitless creativity.

Ms. Joanne Rullan

Joanna has over 25 years’ experience in entertainment management. Artist’s that she manages are SAG/Aftra members . In the last few years she is also credited as a producer in several short films, commercials and any other projects. She recently partnered up with Troi Torain AKA/Star and Bucwild in a company called “Battle Rap Media”, a promotion company for battle Mc’s. She has of 20 years experience in finance and currently working in the investment bank industry.